Thanks to all of you that have signed up for Summer League this year! We hope you enjoy the season and have a lot of fun! I do have some good news and bad news though.... bad news is you are going to have to wait one more week for the start of this season. The initial date for the start of this year was set to be May 26th however due to weather and the search for available fields we will need to push back to June 2nd. Its not so bad though because that means you have more time to convince your friends to signup for this season! Our end of the season tournament is now locked in for August 1st at burns park. Now for the good news...after hours upon hours (mainly Ross) upon hours of searching, phone calls, emails, etc. we have finally found a temporary home at UALR Intramural Fields. These are located behind coleman place apartments on Asher just across the street from UALR. I have attached a screen shot on google maps for you all. If you use the address: 5801 Asher Ave. it should get you close enough to see the entrance of the Fields. Let me know if you have any questions. Additionally be on the lookout for an email letting you know what team you will be on, we will have the draft soon and shortly after you will here from your team captain.

A shameless plug for our sponsors: We have had a lot of great sponsors this year jump on board with us to help keep the cost low for you all. Please be thinking of how you can help us make them feel great about sponsoring this season. Some ideas would be actually purchasing something from them, visiting their location, following them on social media outlets, or sending them a thank you message. All these types of things help build our image in the business community thus creating better relationships for continued sponsorship in the future. Click the links below to check out who they are!

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to send a message! Looking forward to playing with you all!

Cody Dunnahoo

Our 2015 sponsors

Keeling Company - multiple year sponsor

Larry's Pizza NLR - multiple year sponsor

Moe's of central Arkansas

North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce


Rock Town Distillery

Dassult Falcon Jet

Ink Custom Tee's

Friends of Little Rock Ultimate:

The 12th Annual Little Rock Summer League is upon us!

This year, league will run Tuesdays from May 26-July 21, with the tournament on Saturday, July 25. Unfortunately, Burns Park is closed for the whole month…

Little Rock Ultimate members and friends,

We will be having pickup tonight at Burn Park at 6.  We will have lights.  Don't let the cold weather keep you away.  We will get warm in a hurry.  Look for people and frisbees.…

Picture of Olivia Harrington
Olivia Harrington
Oct 5, 2014
Little Rock, AR

Fall league

Signup is now open for Little Rock Ultimate's Fall League!

This is a developmental coed rec league designed to give people an opportunity to learn and practice Ultimate in a fun, friendly environment. It differs from our summer league in…

The annual summer league-ending tournament is tomorrow, Saturday, July 19th, starting at 9 am! It should be in the 80s and beautiful out. Games will run until around 3:30, after which we have two events, food at Larry's Pizza,…

Picture of Olivia Harrington
Olivia Harrington
Jul 15, 2014
North Little Rock, AR

Summer League: League 7/15/14, field 5/6

League today is on, but we'll be on fields 5/6 of the Burns Park Soccer Complex.

We will be finishing up the games from last week and then playing out the scheduled games. This means that we will have a cap…

League is on today, July 8, at Burns Park on fields 5/6. Games will begin at 6 pm as usual.


Maroon v Red

Charcoal v Kelly

Lime v Blue

In addition, Thursday pickup is back again due to popular…

The Sticky Classic is a mixed Ultimate tournament to be held in Burns Park on July 12th and 13th.

It is pulling in several regional Ultimate groups, including a few out of Fayetteville, Texas, and more.

Little Rock Ultimate would…

Hey all! League today will be happening at 6 pm, Burns Park fields 7/8. Bring water!


Maroon vs. Charcoal

Blue vs. Kelly Green

Lime vs. Red

Hi all! League is on today (6/24/14) at the Burns Parl Soccer Complex. We will be on fields 9 and 10 today.

The schedule today looks like this:

Maroon vs Kelly Green

Lime vs Charcoal

Red vs Blue